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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  November 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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live from las vegas, fox5 news this morning starts now "motion passes, congratulations sheriff (claps)" the las vegas strip will be a little safer next year, as metro prepares to hire more officers to keep us safe. las vegas' stadium dreams are becoming a reality! clark county commission tax to fund the possible future home of the raiders. the hurdle that still needs to be cleared to make it a done deal. homeward bound. we've ran numerous stories about lost dogs, crossing several states to be reunited with their families. now its happened in our own backyard. good morning
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and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first cassandra jones joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. big story today will be the wind. a wind advisory takes effect at 10 a.m. for the entire viewing area with gusting speeds 40-50 mph possible. much colder air invades las vegas on thursday, bringing high temperatures down into the low 60s and upper 50s. skies will be mostly morning will be the coldest weather this season with 30s expected. the weekend is trending milder with a few clouds at times. high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. there is the chance of a few showers on monday next week. a more than 6-
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standoff at an apartment near mccarran airport ends with one woman in police custody. the incident started just before 7 last night at an maryland near russell. metro says a female suspect fired 2 shots inside the apartment, before going outside and firing several more shots. that's when the suspect went back inside and refused to come out. a man and another woman were inside the apartment with her. swat was able to go in and take the woman into custody early this morning. nobody was hurt and everyone has been let back inside their homes. more police
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they were both in the cards for clark county commissioners as they voted to approve tax increases to pay for both. fox5's cyndi lundeberg explains how the approval of the more cops initiative will affect you.
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stadium. its amazing everyone was able to find 750 million dollars to go towards a stadium but cant fix our deteroiating education systme including county commissioner chris giunchigliani.... several of us have constituents in the shorter term transient housing paying for a billionaires stadium but can barely make their own rent the measures approved... and whether or not the raiders come to las vegas... we tried to keep our process transparent i knwo there were disputes but we kept our process transparent county commission steve sisolak says the increases are still a win for the community. steve sisolak- the public is going to get 35m a year in economic benefit to county and state benefits cyndi lundeberg fox5 news local las vegas>> north las vegas and henderson
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get more officers thanks to the sales tax increase. sheriff joe lombardo says they can't start hiring for those positions until april of next year. the man accused of beating a valley woman so badly her own mother didn't recognize her, will face a las vegas judge. "her face was like four times its size. his footprint was embedded in her forehead. i'm sorry. i thought she wouldn't pull through. denise kalinich says her daughter kasandra was beaten within an inch of her life. she says every bone in kasandra's face was fractured, along with several ribs. police arrested kasandra's boyfriend michael estes for the beating. police say kasandra left arizona to get away from him... but he followed her here. estes is charged with attempted murder and battery... he is due in court tomorrow. some big name g- o-p donors from right here in las vegas will be
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donald trump's presidential inaugural committee. los angeles billionaire tom barrack has been tapped to serve as the committee's chairman. sheldon adelson and his wife, phil ruffin and steve wynn, new york jets owner woody johnson, anthony scaramucci and mel sembler and will be the committee's vice chairs. the group will plan and pay for the activities surrounding trump's inauguration. governor brian sandoval is working to bring back nevada's school vouchers program. governor sandoval says he's planning to include the e-s-a program in his upcomingud in september, the nevada supreme court struck down the program. but governor sandoval is hoping the program's developer can come up with a new plan that the legislature would accept. the e-s-a bill would allow parents to use state money for private school tuition. a texas woman is reunited with her dog four years after he went missing. and thanks to a good samaritan, the dog ended up at an animal hospital right here in las vegas! jessica urbina says she got a call a few weeks ago from siena animal hospital asking if she lost a
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urbina told the hospital that her shih tzu had gone missing about four years ago. that's when they checked the dog's microchip. "im like nope, i dont live anywhere near nevada, she's like well we're in las vegas and i was like las vegas? how did he get all the way over there?" "im just so thankfull with the microchip being, that i was ablwe to get that call i would have never expected that call ever." the woman lives in mesquite, texas. at first the hospital asked if she's sure she didn't mean mesquite, nevada. took about a week to get bam bam on a plane back home. the now seven year old shih tzu flew in monday night and is resting up after his long fight. celebrities whipped up some tasty nachos all for a great cause "when we can get together at the holidays and create a holiday meal for families in need, it's very exciting and it's significant for the community."
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russell from "pawns stars" competed in nacho daddy's nacho- making contest. chumlee won for best nachos. fator won for best vegetarian item. now both winners will earned a spot on the "nacho daddy" menu. and 5-thousand meals will be donated to three square food bank in their name. catholic charities is collecting frozen turkeys and non- parishable food items to help feed families this they're hoping to collect more than 4-thousand frozen turkeys this year. you can drop off your food donations at catholic charities main campus on las vegas boulevard from 6 a-m to 6 p-m. this is the 30th year for the turkey drive. our second annual take 5 to care holiday food drive continues at vons and albertsons. fox5 and our take5 to care sponsors will be collecting food... now through the
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you can drop off your non- perishable items in store or donate cash right at the register. the future of faraday future is looking bleak. the electric car maker pumps the brakes on plans to build a factory in north las vegas. why local officials say they're still optimistic about the car factory "you'll have old school physicians that don't read the new evidence and they rely on what they learned in medical school 20 years ago. so if you don't keep up with evidence... this is a dynamic field." millions of baby boomers are seeking out age management clinics to feel younger. after the break, john huck explains what they
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their side. cass- ((your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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continually searching for the
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business for clinics promising a better way to age. age management clinics are expensive, and some of their treatments are controversial. but as john huck explains, that isn't stopping people from trying to recapture their younger selves.
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pushing" the point of all of this is to head off any disease that could prematurely end jeff's life. "our corporate motto is to live well longer, not necessarily live longer. however if you do the former, you also end up doing the latter. doctor jeffrey lake may be a walking billboard for cenegenics. the sixty two year old is active, buffed.. and uses one of the more controversial treatments to feel younger.. testosterone. "there's a lot of bad hormone replacement therapy done out there and there's a lot of phobia of that too." and for good reason... the f-d-a just last month issued a new warning for those who take testosterone and the risk of abuse by adults. the risks include "heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and depression..." but warnings like these have done little to reduce demand for testosterone .
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i absolutely do. tell me what it does? for me, it keeps me at a health level. ((butted to 1.15.04)) i found that man, i'm sleeping better, my mood is better" doctor john pierce runs his own age management clinic. he points to plenty of medical literature supporting testosterone use and he says the problem is with back alley clinics that over-prescribe it. it's difficult for them to bring charges because the medical board says they're not in the business of telling people how to practice medicine. it's kind of scary. it's almost like they havent' hurt anybody yet so we'll just let them keep doing this." as a gerentologist dr. lisa rosenberg treats older patients. she is skeptical that age management clinics can do anything more for you than you could do for yourself. "everybody wants to live longer and live better. so what they're counting on is an individual's hope that the supplement will be that magic for them. first and best thing is to grow up with adequete nutrition in a low- stress environment, get adequate exercise and have good genes" "if there was ever a case of leading from behind, it's the american physician" age management is booming. cenegenics has gone from one location to twenty dr. pierce's patient load has doubled the business of
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decline in their parents and peers.. and are deterimined to get better with age. john huck fox5 news local las vegas>> with old age with old age comes certain diseases like alzheimer's. but there may be a huge breakthrough in the works. coming up in our next half hour, a new drug being tested at the lou ruvo center for brain health downtown is showing a lot of promise. stick around for part two of this special report on aging. good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. big story today will be the wind. a wind advisory takes effect at 10 a.m. for the entire viewing area with gusting speeds 40-50 mph possible. much colder air invades las vegas on thursday, bringing
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60s and upper 50s. skies will be mostly sunny. friday morning will be the coldest weather this season with 30s expected. the weekend is trending milder with a few clouds at times. high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. there is the chance of a few showers on monday next week. work has been
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north las vegas at the future site of
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car company, faraday future. the company's spokesman says progress is on hold. news of the car company failing to pay millions of dollars in bills raised some questions about their finances. things got worse when faraday's chinese billionaire backer said his company "le-eco" was running out of cash. councilman isaac barron says he's still optimistic about the car maker coming to the valley, amid the announcement of 600-million dollars from investors. to have a few growing pains, and again we're very excited and bullish on faraday future, very bullish on the rest of the industires coming to the valley" going forward, faraday is putting more money and attention toward developing the concept car that it hopes to present at the consumer electronics show in january. others companies like hyperloop and switch are also moving to north las vegas. the latin grammys will be handed out this thursday at the t-mobile arena... but before that happens... they're handing out instruments.
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cultural foundation and the ford motor company, donated 20 thousand dollars in musical instruments and equipment to students at desert pines high school. the donation is a part of an initiative that gives students the chance to learn about latin music. "these students need these are instruments that they need. it's tough in this day and age to kind of get some of those things. so it's going to help them get brand new instruments which they deserve and they work so hard for." each year the latin grammy cultural foundation invites a latin grammy nominated artist to share their success story with the students. this year it was the talented singer songwriter joss favela. i was lucky enough to serve as moderator again this year. last year... the foundation donated instruments to rancho high school. who knew a
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so much controversy. apple has a little more junk in its trunk these days. we'll explain what we're talking about, next. cirque du soleil is revisiting the world of "avatar." when you can be a part of the experience,
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cirque du soleil is bringing the movie "avatar" to life on the big stage. james cameron's "avatar" is the highest grossing movie of all time. "toruk the first flight" combines puppetry, cutting edge visuals and the world of pandora. "they've made it about something,
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but they also ground it in that same philosophy where you know, there's a connectivity issue that we present in the movie and if the hero of toruk doesn't solve the situation, connectivity is gonna be lost 3,000 years before our movie ever opens." the show will be traveling to arenas across the americas. "toruk - the first flight" will be at the t-mobile arena from january 18th to the 22nd. it may be national but the days of eating greasy, fatty food on- the-go could be coming to an end. the maker behind the documentary, "super size me" is trying out a new restaurant concept in ohio. morgan spurlock plans to open a pop-up restaurant in columbus called "holy chicken" for four days starting this saturday. the test kitchen will sell fresh, farm-to-table, all-natural chicken. all the drinks on the menu will also be made locally. guess we will have to wait and
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goes on a month- long binge at his own restaurant, just like he did at mcdonald's. someone must have heard all of my complaining... the peach butt is back! earlier this month apple changed the look of its peach emoji, after apple officials heard the piece of fruit emoji looked too much like a rear end. but apple decided to reverse course again, and change it back to look similar to the original... with just a slightly longer stem. the rock joins an elite group
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the sexiest men alive! but dwayne johnson says that isn't getting him anywhere with his fiancee we'll explain.
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arrested for
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backyard. why neighbors were so concerned and what police are now saying prompted the arrest. "we have people that will start camping out days ahead of time." shoppers are making their lists and checking them twice, how you can beat out the most dedicated deal hunters this black friday. its time to grab your favorite jammies and hit the track, under the glittering lights at the motor speedway the p-j 5k returns this weekend. how your donati benefit local children welcome back, i'm maria silva and i'm dave hall. we'll get those headlines in a minute, but first cassandra jones has a quick look at the fox 5 weather


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